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Anvil Axis 'COA1003' Convection Oven

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The Anvil Axis company now creates a compact range of ovens capable of fitting into the tiniest space. Weighing in at only around 40 kg this semi-portable convection oven is the perfect unit for a chef needing more cookiing power with limited space. "Anvil’s Prima range of convection ovens are especially designed for baking breads, muffins, pastries, biscuits, etc. They are also especially useful with par-baked products."

• 595W x 622D x 590H mm

• This oven is ideal for use by restaurants, confectioneries, coffee shops and caterers
• Anvil convection ovens will also evenly reconstitute large quantities of frozen and chilled food
• Stainless Steel exterior and interior
• Rounded interior corners and removable shelf runners ensure ease of cleaning
• Unit provided with non-tip Chrome-plated steel wire shelves
• Interior light is fitted as a standard feature
• A bake timer is also included as a standard feature to automatically switch off after a preset period
• The oven is fan assisted by two fans, fitted with a custom designed baffle plate. This ensures that excellent temperature distribution is achieved even when oven is full to capacity, providing reliable baking uniformity
• 595W x 622D x 590H mm
• 2.4kW, 240V

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